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Correct understanding of the importance of examinations and the usual accumulation of [2]

Department of experience points

After a soft-set, with confidence, so he wanted to apply for Department of points. I took 06 in the first half of this project is very tight, so he applied for the second half. Also buy the two books are written by Zhang Yousheng teacher. The reading less, because this is the first sitting, I intend to first understand the situation, familiarize yourself with the examination process, the second time and then carefully prepare. After registration, on the evening before going to sleep while lying in bed reading, watching the papers, tutorials, I basically do not see, according to papers that he do first, do not know go check the book, because I did not so much time to fully review, also off read a few books at night, read the previous chapters.

Exams, a serious shortage of confidence in myself, do not bother to read, when the idea was not too anyway. But I looked at problems and paper notes, such as at a few will choose several options, the paper a few questions, how to write an overview of how to organize content so that even if had not, but also for the future to continue Examination accumulate experience.

Day of the examination with the application of a few did not go, but I then again, to see papers look like, so went. I have this habit very well, as long as I apply the test, regardless of the circumstances, I have to go. So go test, and am a good answer questions, that is a choice, will not and can estimate the Mongolian one, thesis title is simply writing characters received papers from thought, they begin to write, and finally handed in all in writing, and usually less writing, typing many, many words will not write, had written alphabet, the paper wrote a wrist and arm pain not work too acid.

Took the two, my wife asked me, how, I say, also, as ever is still possible, but very small. Wife went on to say that if the review's are not like this too and I am despised for this examination by to ignore her, women are so. Although the possibility of knowing too little, but still hold a trace of hope. One day you think of this matter, on the Greek race, that can check points, so he took my colleagues made a phone message (I Unicom). 46 am, at 45, paper 48, ha ha, even after I nearly jumped up and happy, in the Office of the large coax a few times, people do not know what I do, but then many people say that the Greek race score line of things, I also worried. So the Greek Game and the situation all day, never had it, his heart saved, ready to test next year, and after it scores higher, and he is worry. Today, at last, scores, and also relieved. Some people posting on the Greek race that I care about the original results, who do not care about the result?


Soft set of two tests in the afternoon are not review questions, but they all passed. In fact, the work at issue with the content we currently are closely related, such as data flow diagram, UML, Java's Exception handling, P / V operation of a university before. I was out. Net, and for the Java unfamiliar, read the Java work because the source code for a long time, so that Java's Exception topics very simple. Therefore, relatively simple soft-set or some of the morning reading in the afternoon to spend more accumulation, not the basic problem.

Examination Department of points is the same. For example at issue, SOA's question, I test the previous week to talk to customers when the exchange SOA, SOA just seen a lot of information, this question is basically no problem. CMM's question, our company had a CMM3, I know some, but not know much about, mainly remember, there is no recourse but to answer that, embedded questions would not. Another example is database recovery problems, and also his casual writing, although the normal contact, not very familiar with. Therefore, at issue is really nothing to grasp. Paper, I think it more handy, because for three years of project managers and architects, usually written in too much documentation, collaborative system, the subject I wrote the work flow, this is my most familiar and finished the paper self- still feel good. Throughout the series points title, for me, it looks like a coincidence, why I just looked at SOA on the test out? Why the company had a CMM to test out? Why am I doing collaborative projects in the areas of workflow collaboration on the test out? Then I thought, this is not a coincidence, although I do not review or prepare for this exam, but usually exposed and studied and thought about, not afraid of the exam.

All in all, recalling the soft points in the test set and the system, deliberately to prepare their own time and effort is minimal, but usually the accumulation should be more, and solving the problem more like understanding the context, theories and practice more data are collected. Sentence: A dog feces luck, a university foundation, a job gained. Other words: I thank my wife, without her constant stimulation I gave my pressure, I really was not able to flies.


I am a 2002 graduate, computer science, 2 years of development, structure and management for 2 years. I bought a book that points the system (Zhang Yousheng teacher "system analyst test counseling") behind, talk through the experience of candidates, to me is a big help. So I write this, my first experience there should be no universal significance test, we look at it when the story. Second, do not know if the friends prepare for the exam can give some insights and encouragement, we should have confidence. Finally I wish you can pass the.

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