Friday, March 11, 2011

In Gmail, click on multiple selections enter the recipient address

Gmail recent recipient address input is optimized, you can click to select the pop-up window, this feature similar to Microsoft's Outlook client.

Gmail from Tuesday introduced this feature. Compose a new message, users need only click the "To" link, Gmail will pop up a small window, lists all contacts. Users can then click to select click-mail. In this window, you can sort, delete and other management. In the CC "CC" link, you can also fill in the recipient in accordance with the above model.

Previously, Gmail automatically prompts the user to input a mail address, but click selection mode easier. In the Microsoft Outlook client, users can click directly Enter the recipient's address book, Gmail apparently learned the strengths.

Gradually introduce new Gmail features rely on market share. comScore said, Gmail unique visitors in the United States 3.69 million people, has replaced the United States become the third largest free online mail service.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

With SNS to create individual learning ecosystem

Collaborative learning in primary and secondary cities is very much respected teachers. This teaching model to meet the current Internet, popular trends and the results of pilot schools that train students for this model to create capacity, different thinking, critical thinking, discovery has the spirit and ability to cooperate
Important role.

Collaborative learning in practice often being integrated into other learning, such as project-based teaching, research-based teaching model, etc.. I have spent six months teaching project-based experimental results show that students are not interested in collaboration, cooperation level is very shallow, and have repeatedly stressed that there is not much guidance and change.

Why does this happen? Survey shows that the main reason is not a real collaboration, communication and exchange between learners rarely. In addition, with a collective, a more thorough understanding of each other in peacetime, that the other side where levels are high not to, that there is no need for collaboration.

For collaborative learning, we tend to always from the group point of view, comes to mind is a group of people collaborate on something together, if we look at the issue from a different angle, from a single individual's point of view, the so-called collaborative learning is an individual to establish individual learning ecosystem, and then ring the help of human learning process.

In the daily learning process, we need help from outside to guide us. However, subject to various conditions of the restrictions, we are usually very small social circle, have regular contact with the people that surrounds, to access to a greater range of master's Luzi on Zhaobu Dao Ge Shi, personal Xuexi ecosystem Haishi You very limited, and SNS (social network service, Social Networking Service) was a more vital that we build brings the possibility of learning ecosystem.

Real society, interpersonal communication is through the introduction between people, shaking hands to form a circle of friends, contact circle, each person does not need direct knowledge of all, only through friends of friends, you can contribute to a handshake, the SNS is this form of dating in real life replica of the network.

In theory, through the SNS, we can find a common interest in learning partnerships, evolving based on personal interest and professional learning ecosystem, have access to a greater range of relevant professional best man. This allows us to be able to share their research results and ideas, so as to effectively enhance learning.

In practice, however, need to clearly recognize, SNS is not specifically designed for educational purposes, such as the SNS in education in the field, but also to limit and modify on the SNS. For example, SNS should be educational to professional, specialty, occupational factors such as members of the subdivision, it is easy to quickly create appropriate learning learners ecological group.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Manufacturing integration trend manufacturing and EMS has Approaching

OEM controlled in order to gain more profit from the market, OEM and EMS services to each other for starting the infiltration area.

John Blake is Kodak's consumer digital imaging, general manager of the Department, in his daily work is full of OEM, ODM, EMS and CEM and other acronyms and industry terms. For people outside the electronics industry, these words may be meaningless. But for Blake, he needs every day to deal with the ODM and EMS.

In a recent telephone interview, the executive is almost interchangeable ODM and EMS in the two words, for these two types of partners to give the same meaning. Kodak partners with the ODM and EMS to rebuild its outsourcing model.

In the high-tech manufacturing, the past is usually obvious differences exist. But with the competitive strategy of evolving the enterprise into new markets, these differences are rapidly disappearing. The industry believes that this phenomenon is the manufacture of portable products are prominent in this area before, electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original design manufacturers (ODM) are engaged in significant differences between the activities, but now This difference is gradually reduced.

"I think the OEM will not be too concerned about which martial art from its manufacturing partners, more interested and able to meet their needs partners." Technology Forecasters said Niti Agrawal, senior consultant, "In some markets, ODM and EMS provide a similar service, OEM is considering using both accomplish the same business, or by using them in different product lines. "

ODM products from the outset in the design and use of a standard PC in the field of technology. Today, ODM has become a high volume of professional computer and mobile phone manufacturers, OEM customers of these products only need a little customization you can. Has the same organization chart, EMS companies engaged in the design phase of product life cycle, the part after the bear from prototype manufacturing to mass production manufacturing of everything.

The gradual disappearance of boundaries between the two

Like all things, the situation changed only a matter of time. Today, ODM and EMS is gradually disappearing boundaries between the major reason may come from several aspects: First, ODM and EMS companies like OEM markets under the control of the source to get more profit; Second, the expectations of OEM customers constantly changing, in order to survive had to extend their service.

In this market environment, the top ODM has begun to strengthen its capacity to serve the global market. Them more quickly on a server, mobile and consumer electronics products such as non-PC access Hetong Ling Yu, and along with some of Qi Ye Qi Zhong start own brand of Chan Pinxian, ODM suppliers and retail channels in the influence continued to grow.

At the same time, EMS companies have been increasing design services. They can create the design first name of the banner, then the supply chain design, and now into a complete ODM model.

More importantly, EMS and ODM growth rate decreased year by year. Industry observers said the two camps overlap not only in its ability to provide services or the level of revenue in the market are also becoming more and more close. Technology Forecasters from the statistical data, EMS 2003, the company's operating income growth of about 7.4%, ODM was significantly increased by 35%; in 2005 the two data decreased to 4% and 21%.

Although far from the surface of these figures, but Agrawal noted that, if re-evaluation and classification of Foxconn, the situation may be big changes. The EMS from Taiwan manufacturers, the business has two major areas across the EMS and ODM.

Foxconn camp will be classified as different growth rates in these two areas will have large fluctuations. For example, the data in 2005, Foxconn is listed as ODM company, but if it is reclassified as a camp, then EMS, ODM growth rate of sales from 21% to 16%, while sales will be from the EMS 4% to 12%. "Foxconn every area involved in that, they both ODM is EMS." Agrawal said, "When we started to look at ODM and EMS data, on how to classify them, we are all different."

All areas of the OEM market, companies are committed to selling and stripping away the core competitiveness more responsibility. The boundaries between various types of enterprises will become more blurred, so the classification of electronic manufacturing companies become more complex.

Name start unification

In fact, OEM has led to change the title of the action initiated. Some PC manufacturers will ODM and EMS companies gathered in the contract design manufacturer (CDM, Contract Design Manufacturer), under the banner. ODM and EMS will focus on the broader definition of the term among the CDM, this trend implies that in the choice of OEM partners will have greater flexibility, and do not care partners to address, but rather to find the best partner to complete The task at hand.

For example, Kodak in August and Flextronics of Singapore signed a contract, ranging from design to logistics of the business. EMS as the top company, Flextronics not only responsible for all of Kodak's digital camera manufacturing activities, including design and open the camera function and the related operations and logistics services. "We not only want partners to be able to bring manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but also hope they have a wider range of capabilities." Kodak's Blake said.

Change the call is not difficult, but the products faster to market pressures are affecting the entire industry, the overlap in services and, in some product areas heated competition. With the traditional high-end products into the mass market, as well as the program platform, these products become more common, some businesses may have the same ability to spread to a number of partners who.

Although there are many choices, but in the pursuit of price discounts and guarantee quality and service under the guidance of long-term goal of consistency, OEM companies prefer to maintain a period of time with several selected partners. Therefore, an early sign the contract at the tender stage, the EMS and ODM for urgency.

But the competition is fierce. Agrawal said that in the spring of 2005, 49 enterprises interviewed 20% of EMS, said the project tenders are facing direct competition from the ODM. The spring of 2006, 43 EMS companies have 28% holding this view.

Outsourcing partner selection according to the required

For the OEM, choose the right outsourcing partner can be relatively easily. Many OEM manufacturers have shown that partners are less concerned about what category, but about who the highest quality and lowest price to complete the task, and the most flexibility. "OEM would ask what they do best and what their partners do best." ISuppli analyst Adam Pick the company said, "This will determine the OEM or EMS company will select the ODM manufacturers."

In addition, if a field of OEM PC manufacturers want to maintain price leadership, and has established a strong global supply chain, it may be because the ODM has a design capacity of the related fields tend to cooperate with the ODM manufacturers. If an OEM has a design strength and the need logistics help, it may choose to EMS companies. In addition, some vendors also may adopt hybrid manufacturing strategy in order to market a broader range of products, they will demand specific products to determine the selection of the EMS or ODM.

Respond to these demands from the OEM, Solectron and Celestica EMS and other top companies are emphasizing its strengths in the global production, including their lean manufacturing processes, and distributors, suppliers and logistics service providers between close relationship, for after-sales maintenance and warranty support service capability and their newly formed project team. In addition, they also made it clear that it will not compete with the OEM customer. However, in ODM in the field, when a manufacturer to a technology platform has accumulated sufficient expertise, it may launch its own brand, which often happens.

"Our selling point is the partnership." Solectron's executive vice president and chief technology officer Dave Purvis said, "There is a pattern we call it product management, has been relatively successful. If there is an existing product line, and OEM hope to update the product, we can assume the implementation of the product line to take over part of the design, manufacturing, supply chain and reverse logistics. "For example, he said, for some short life cycle of electronic products, such as consumer set-top box, may every three months requires a new framework. OEM only want to maintain the basic structure of a few years, every three months, also hopes to launch a variant of the architecture.

Emergence of new manufacturing paradigm

As the industry continues to converge, more models are to emerge. For example, some ODM spin out a new business, part of the remains ODM business, but the other part into its own brand business. Market research firm PRTM's director Manoj Kumar to these enterprises as "OBM". In addition, some OEM ODM, who is also the role, and the second-tier ODM and EMS companies are also trying to fight for his place. "There is huge in these areas change." Kumar said, "There is a growing awareness of the need to set the power of multiple vendors to develop, manufacture and sale of branded products."

Acer in Taiwan in 2002, recognizes this point, when the company created Wistron (Wistron), and manufacturing as a separate entity, while the parent company is focusing on developing their own brands. The PC maker's spokesman said the reason for taking this route is to avoid and other top PC OEM firms.

Ranked by PC unit shipments, Wistron ranked third highest in Quanta Computer and Compal after. The company from its parent company and other 10 PC OEM vendors get a substantial number of manufacturing contracts in 2005, Wistron's revenue of 50 billion dollars, 2.2 billion in 2002, its business growth comes mainly from PC in the field. The company spokesman said: "For us, the field can be great in the PC market, but we are facing multiple directions."

Annual turnover of 1 billion U.S. dollars of the D-Link Systems Inc. in the OEM and ODM development path to take another route, it is the United States D-Link's North American department. From a business model point of view, D-Link is also OEM ODM, production of advanced networking products, broadband, digital, voice and data communications products, has its own brand, and to undertake other OEM ODM work. "Our key to success in the flexibility." The Steven Joe, president and CEO, said the existing products, about 70% of its own brand, and the remaining 30% is for other OEM products . "In the short span of 5 to 7 years ago, these numbers just the opposite."

With the D-Link build up your reputation, it also plans to outsource manufacturing operations to other ODM or EMS companies, and chip manufacturers, technology providers and distribution channels to establish closer ties between.

The survival of two companies

EMS and ODM industry has been a major shift in all the top manufacturers in the body, but it is not proved that two companies reflect not sensitive enough. According to data published by iSuppli Corporation, the top 10 EMS companies and top 10 overall in 2005 ODM contract manufacturing accounted for 67% of the market, total revenues reached 1,470 million. The two ODM and OEM manufacturers have a regional advantage, and focus on niche markets, these advantages will enable 23 companies overall business size in 2010 45 billion U.S. dollars, far higher than the 19.1 billion in 2005. This EMS provider Elcoteq of Finland and other vendors is good news, the company established ODM business the last five years, for the communication industry.

Elcoteq decided to use the ODM business to complement its EMS business, in order to deal with mobile phone services and related technology platforms to mature situation. "In our value chain to offer fully integrated ODM model, from design to manufacturing, delivery and after-sales support." Elcoteq product development senior vice president Anssi Korhonen said, "Our ODM model the main areas for certain quantities and markets well-known OEM companies. "

Despite the emerging model, but there are still long-term viability of the contract manufacturing industry questions. "ODM and EMS will be on how the competition is uncertain." ISuppli analyst Adam Pick the company said, "ODM or EMS companies getting the better of the industry, they must determine their competitive advantage and long-term defense strategy."

With the emergence of new business

Increasing competition led ODM EMS providers and access to new markets and develop new business, which they need in any means possible to protect them. Design and innovation, lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma tools of production, supply chain and logistics efficiency, and any other tactics to attract OEM look.

So, how to position themselves these competitors do? EMS and ODM what measures are being taken to highlight the characteristics of their own? Moreover, with the division of labor increasingly blurred, the electronics industry to face in the inflection point of these two very different manufacturing mode? for the vendors, the answer varies. But the industry says that no matter what strategy adopted, success in the industry are due to its ability to show up.

"If you are a OEM company, you will face enormous pressure to at the right time right place to launch the right products." ISuppli's Pick said, "OEM will first consider what they do best what their partner What is the most good, which will determine the ODM or OEM will select the EMS. "

When the design is becoming an important business, EMS companies are packaging their services will become more complete solution. For example, Celestica's senior vice president of strategy Art Cimento, said the company has created called "Bell Bay" solution accelerator, which is an advanced telecommunications computing architecture, can be modified to suit the specific products . The speed for the OEM to provide a basic design platform to customize it.

Celestica is expected to launch such a service can help customers shorten time to market of new products. It is reported that it has seen a customer time to market from 6 to 9 months, reduced to 3 months. "We provide professional design services and technology mainly aimed at OEM reluctant to part such as mechanical or enclosure, etc. 宸ヤ綔." Cimento said, "Youliaozhege Jiasu Qi, Womenxianzai to prove that the product concept of Zhengque production Zhi Qian sex and the preparation of the Operational Guidelines. "

EMS companies also make long-term plan. They knocked on those in the slow pace of outsourcing OEM door efforts and aerospace, medical, telecommunications and other industries in the high-end manufacturers may take longer to establish the duration of the contract. Cimento said, this strategy can make EMS companies to offset their computer, cell phones, inkjet printers and some types of servers of dependence in all Zhexie products have or are in the transition to the ODM.


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Switch to a three-year-old can not afford to skip how should I do?

We are raised to "volunteer work" concept, the three-year-old had a normal age, can now have connected with the occupation, and to give a special meaning. When a talent 25 years old, it has been consciously or unconsciously thinking, quick 30, and was up front. But really to three years old, his is still a general staff, how do? In fact, age, and ability to pay is not up things in the community is very common.

Shu-day consultation cases:

Zhang Yu with other children to participate in college entrance examination, as is the book filled the University of volunteer management major. Graduated from college, Zhang Yu know this is not a good industry, universities had the very unhappy. Graduated from college, finally decided to give up their own library management professional, re looking for other businesses, they want to develop and choose their own career path.

Yu Zhang is a introvert, do not like fighting with people, just want to be able to obtain a stable job, so that the realization of their professional changes slowly, and then to seek career development. However, the library management professional, a little edge to find a job, did not work easy to find favorite. Last resort, seek survival and development, Zhang Yu found a job easily settled, but the work is not satisfactory. The job is not happy for some time, Zhang Yu changed jobs, because no good professional, have to find a second job just has to adjust the salary, the same as with the first job is still no way to find the right career direction.

Blink of an eye, a few years later, Yu Zhang's students, some as a director, while others became the manager. And Yu Zhang has since been replaced as looking for career direction, always hovering in the clerk's official rank. 3-year-old arrived, Zhang Yu suddenly found a few years later, I still can not find career direction and more terrible things that no train any kind of professional skills.

Yu Zhang was deeply disturbed to see their students do not want to see them and think they laugh at themselves; look to see ourselves, Zhang Yu to do things that feel very seriously, the community itself is unfair. Zhang Yu do not know how, and do not know how to do the next step should be. Lost Zhang Yu own write it straight down the situation, issued Shu days, hoping for help, and ask yourself the suitability of business.

Shu-day job analysis:

According to Zhang Yu Shu-day situation as described, and Yu Zhang of mind, career, etc. The reality is analyzed.

Occupational psychology areas:

Yu Zhang is a introvert, eager to find a job and stable work, and gradually develop their own expertise. But in the past few years, Zhang Yu as professional and survival, had to force myself to work do not like working in the hope that through such frequent job-hopping ways to explore and find their professional orientation. This shows that Zhang Yu eager for success, but the anxiety of mind, what makes Yu Zhang regardless of treatment, do not have enough patience. An agitated patient to any person who does not work, no matter which company they can not be trusted, not to mention learn useful vocational skills.

Occupational aspects of reality:

Zhang Yu of the University Library Management Professional is after work and did not engage in this work, and work, almost a year to jump to explore their own career direction, leading to Zhang Yu in the last few years, has no culture a certain degree of workplace skills, not to mention the core competitiveness of the workplace. It should be said Zhang Yu is pretty bad, a three-year-old who has been in the absence of workplace skills and core competitiveness, I hope the development is very difficult to obtain.

Occupational hope areas:

Later and Zhang Yu of the QQ chat, by Yu Zhang anxiety, incoherent speech, or feel comfortable day, and Zhang Yu current best hope is the hope of business development, and gradually develop their own competitiveness. Because of his own personality as introverted or afraid to do the job well, but also feel that business is unstable and can provide a guarantee of survival.

Shu-day consultation response:


Shu day that Zhang Yu has been a problem with the mentality of the past, and current state of mind remains a big problem.

Zhang Yu that the students laugh at themselves, in their own career development is a bad time, the students always feel the words and deeds, are laughing at him, and in fact this does not exist, this is a kind of psychological self-Yu Zhang psychological illusion.

Zhang Yu feel to do things very seriously, social mistreatment of him, in fact, Yu Zhang a year for a job, regardless of which company to recruit Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu's departure will have because of re-recruitment and re-straighten out this post . For this reason alone, it can be fully proved, Zhang Yu do not matter very seriously.

Society, without a patient who frequently change jobs, regardless of which company will not be in reuse, not reused, there will be no way to promotion to a post, there will be no way to learn skills, there is no way for their career capacity.

From these two things, the proposed Zhang Yu Shu-day get down to the first resistance in the current work on working happily, no matter how before, first make the current job. In the current job while slowly adjust their mentality to a forgiving heart to treat their colleagues and the community, not to have grievance mentality. One who wants to get the job done, in order to be promoted promoted above should be fair and impartial state of mind, a general feel that they are aggrieved persons, could not think of a leader which will give him the opportunity.


Zhang Yu would like to do business, certainly not appropriate. On the one hand it was his choice of occupation over the past quit thinking, but wanted to try it; the other hand, his character is introverted, kind person who engaged in professional work, people need to spend several times more energy-oriented, can we have achieved, but also requires great patience. Obviously, even if Zhang Yu's attitude adjustment came, and business is not the best career choice, not to mention the patience of the training takes a long time fact.

Finally, according to Zhang Yu Shu days of the actual situation, Yu Zhang pointed out that the work is appropriate, some of communication does not require too much work, he is doing, in fact, is appropriate, the problem lies in Yu Zhang did not have patient, rather than other reasons.

When there is no way, first stop, bored a bored, and so improve their quality, then looked up. Thanks to the bulkhead for some time, engaged in natural positions on the understanding will be deepened and the development of the whole industry at this time there will be some understanding of nature at this time way out on.

Shu-day advice:

For Zhang Yu of this situation, Shu-day special advice other career people, older but no increase in capacity the key reasons is that they do not know do not know what should be learning. Looking for work, always hesitating, and no way to do a job, so there will be no way to accumulate to the professional development of the first payment capacity. In any case, if a person find a job, it was found that the work is not what you want, but also did not find the right direction, this time is best not to move.

This time need to do most things, is to bow their heads in the current work of boring a boring, comprehensive upgrade their literacy. Such a long time, put up a quality, professional ability of the pot of gold came out, this time will widen one's vision becomes deeper, we can see clearly the direction in front; the same time, any work required to have patience, determination will be followed, and this is the future career development is very important.

It does not help, then quickly find career counselor for help. After all, these people with professional services, and this is enough accumulated knowledge and experience to provide sufficient material and analysis of your situation, help you to establish career development.

Career planning, the top priority thing is how to dig the professional ability of the first payment, this is your future career development into the attack or retreat to the fundamental.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

What the future of "beneficial" booming

Annual salary of 100 000 is not individual

Job was being blocked everywhere, some people at the same time receive offer, let him pick four or five positions - graduate employment, for each individual, it becomes a relative concept of a 鍐扮伀涓ら噸澶?

Reporter Software College, Zhejiang University, found that the professional students, especially graduate students, welcomed by the community; they are not only a high employment rate and salary after working quite well, in between 60,000 to 200,000. So reporters think the overall situation in the employment of college graduates today can not be optimistic, the university will be able to choose a future after 4 years, "beneficial" booming profession, that without a mistake. The problem is the rapid development of economy, ever-changing world of information, how to predict four years later, popular demand? Here, we might look at some popular professional in 2006 and their employment situation of graduates, for reference.

Personnel Released: 2006 Top 10 jobs

According to Chinese Ministry of Personnel issued on its official website, "the employment of college graduates in 2005 and 2006, demand to receive Survey" shows that demand for professional students this year are relatively concentrated.

Survey, and professional needs in 2005 compared to 2006, the demand for graduates specialized in general not changed much, the top two is still the mechanical design and manufacturing classes and computer science and application of specialty. In which the top 10 needs of the professional a total of 587,126 graduates, 35.3% of the total number of demands. In addition, there is a notable feature of growth in demand for medical and health professional graduates quickly into the top 10, the demand number is 31756, and the number of 17 227 compared with last year's demand for a substantial increase is expected this part of the 2006 graduates be relatively better employment situation.

In addition to ranking the top 10 professionals, the 2006 statistics the number of more specialized needs of the region are normal, law, Chinese language and literature, economics, international trade, clinical medicine, chemical medicine, materials science, communications engineering, and financial.

In 2006 the demand for college graduates sort Professional

The total demand for graduate professional serial number of specialist undergraduate

A mechanical design and manufacture of class 111883 88095922743847

2 Computer Science and Application of Class 83652 166,074,696,117,584

3 Information and Electronic 7,057,686,764,267,917,421

4 Marketing 6,971,219,213,383,430,457

5 Management 6,124,746,943,740,618,247

6 architectural 5,047,225,893,143,813,945

7 Electrical Engineering and Automation 41945 3829273689048

English 35932 3876229189138 8

9 Medical 31756 6089180576810

10 Accounting 29951 2264181597928

View Top Specialty: FY software changes immediately following

People: Chen Bing (pseudonym), Ningbo International Software Park, a software company (own business), Zhejiang University, Ningbo Branch of the software is not the first full-time graduate students.

We are a class of more than 30 graduate students, is the Ningbo Branch of Zhejiang University School of Software is not the first full-time graduate students. Class students are basically already in the IT related industries who have some professional experience, so we should be learning more sense.

I was in 1997 from Zhejiang University computer science graduate, and has worked in several cities, university teachers, foreign staff, and later to start his own company's business, not less experienced. However, since their own business after the discovery the rapid development of IT industry, I had a number of scientific expertise is now needed updated. So, that I had this post-graduate courses, although branch in Ningbo, but our key specialized courses are teacher rushed over to the Zhejiang University, my mentor is the executive vice president of Zhejiang University School of Software red-hwa.

We just graduated last month, this session students, but because both the original work, has worked in the department, a government department in charge of information, there had been no practice, basically still in the original units. For me, the students are peer in the industry circle inside a few more friends.

I do the management of the company, before things Gaode less pure business, now learn some very new professional knowledge and skills, their companies have some guidance, so that feeling of working together was handy.

Like the students in our class, most people do not rely on the certificate to find work, change jobs, but really to update knowledge and charging. Certificate of no particular use, but they are real.

My current company size is not large, more than 30 employees, but business is now involved in the country. Changing IT industry, competition can be described, to do software is also very focused on innovation, so they do not rely on old knowledge to new markets. Is to continually update their knowledge to business vitality and new ideas into the only way to meet the shopping competition.

View Top Professional: Electronic Commerce and Work docking

People: children piano competition, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College Information Technology Department of the first graduates of e-commerce

And this year many young people, children are facing graduation piano competition and employment issues; but those for the graduates to find jobs in different busy battered, Dong Qin received the game companies will want to sign her, and she has million flowers to select their favorite one - Zhejiang Huatai Silk Co., Ltd. is now practical. This internship is 3 months probation, after 3 months if no major problems, the company can be regularized in a formal member.

Why chatted about their favored by the work unit, child piano first thought race had their own professional time in completing the "foresight."

Chin Tong said game, choose the one hand, to combine their professional interest, but also had to take into account employment, after all, the link between reading and work is still very close. Her own preference to those employed on many factors, post high demand profession. Then choose the "information technology", on the one hand is out of this consideration, on the other hand it is because the heat of their own interest and expertise.

In the choice of occupation, race Chin Tong said the first school teacher to the students in the previous guidance for a number, and she herself also in the process of job to keep a good attitude, and the first lower his profile. After all, the difficulties are the existence of graduate employment, and graduate experience, strength, respect and social workers than there were a big gap. Correct understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, then a reasonable choice of employment orientation, play a great role for employment.

View Top Specialty: garden two years after the revenue development are considerable

People: Zhou Xiaoguang, Zhejiang Forestry College garden professional graduates

"How much employment rate? Our professional students the concept of the employment rate largely because of our professional students, as long as they want to work, and finding a job is certainly no problem." Zhejiang Forestry College garden professional graduates said Zhou Xiaoguang . "Now we do not sign the agreement professional students, mainly working in the contrast in Which unit is more promising, more favorable treatment. If you want to continue their studies, a lot of opportunities, a professional last year, we have eight seniors are Peking University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University and other famous admission to graduate. "

Landscape professional employment situation is good, and in the future would be better. The one hand, economic development has led to increased demand, on the other hand with the College of Forestry better quality of teaching and teaching staff also has a relationship. Zhou Xiaoguang that the College is rich in gardens, held every year at least 8 students exhibition are also invited to lecture famous, even if the average student will have the opportunity and my first landscape architecture at Harvard University, Dr. Jian Yu hole so direct. In addition, as is the Forest garden professional, their floriculture, landscape trees science, cultivation and management of landscape plants is very solid foundation.

Xiaoshan Zhou Xiaoguang, a garden two days ago was still an intern, now have a better unit to his interview, he invited a few days off. He said that many cities lack the strong landscape students, such as better units in Xiaoshan, internship Baochibaozhu, there are living allowance - 1,300 yuan per month. He said two years before graduating from the garden professional senior, now more than 100,000 yuan annual salary of many, some made the project manager after his company opened a garden, just a few years time accumulated substantial assets. Now they are basically all the professional practice of students, and most of the students also have employment intentions, but we all like him, are looking for better jobs, we now have to sign the agreement is not a lot.

Zhou Xiaoguang said the practical ability of graduates relative to badly since, so start income to badly, but fresh graduates, the landscape professional salary is certainly the kind of high; if he is competent Landscape Planning and Design work, a monthly salary of 45 thousand dollars is not a big problem; if he can work independently, then either the future or "money" is a good way it should be said. Part of the practical ability of the people eligible to obtain Class II construction division, often suddenly become the meat and potatoes, is everybody's grabbing. "The key is to be willing to endure hardship, because a school is often to the grassroots, the first two years definitely bitter, but two years later, most people's income and development will be very significant."


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Independent research and development of the Sword by CAE

Independent research and development of the Sword by CAE

- Interview with Vice President of Security Pacific Bank Mr. Tian Feng

Security World Asia-Pacific vice president of Mr. Tian Feng

Security World Asia 2007 is the 11th year of establishment. 11 years, the Asia-Pacific completed a security world from those who first joined the Road to the Chinese pilot who cross the field of CAE. In just 11 years, PERA has not only successfully explored a software company off the path, but also from a simple software agent to the independent research and development, opened up a CAE technology research and development road of national independence, leading the development of domestic software industry Trends.

August 28, On the formal launch of the World Asia-Pacific research and development of its own flagship products - enterprise collaborative simulation platform PERA 2007. This is the company's access to American International Group (AIG) 1500 million U.S. dollars investment in the new strategy, the first major move. I visit the conference site, experience the charm of a PERA2007 products. PERA2007 as enterprise-level co-simulation platform, integration of technology tools, management control and knowledge Leiji main value of the three R & D areas, with strong scalability and compatibility of its advanced information technology through means of, real-time unified management R & D in the complex process of human resources, technology, data and processes, greatly enhanced the company's R & D efficiency and success rate.

Recently, the Articles Editor Zhang Yuan, Zhang Sufang dialogue editor of the Asia-Pacific vice president of Security Bank Mr. Tian Feng, the Security World Asia-Pacific development strategy, co-simulation platform PERA CAE R & D background and the application of technology in the shipping industry, the situation was discussed in details , An interpretation for the reader's soul-stirring behind the success of the World Asia-Pacific.

Su-Fang Zhang: 11 years, the Security World Asia-Pacific by a three-office, to today has 300 employees, with independent R & D strength of the well-known companies, and has become CAE field leader. Containing 11 years, the Asia-Pacific security in the end the world through a kind of ups and downs?

Tian Feng: 11 years ago, the Security World Asia-Pacific as a U.S. office in China, ANSYS Inc., to present the world's most advanced multi-agent CAE technology, and autonomous research and development capabilities of independent companies, each year during this period can be said to have major decision-making and development. But on the whole, the company's development can be summarized as the following three stages:

The first stage is from 1996 to 2003, An accumulation phase of the World Asia-Pacific struggle, the World Asia-Pacific security by the beginners to become China's largest supplier of CAE. During this period, mainly to do the following things: In 1996, China Standardization Committee on Pressure Vessels through the certification of ANSYS software to the Chinese pressure vessel industry, widely used; in 1998, the Chinese Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation for nearly a year observation and comparison, the An Shi Yatai and purchase agreement entered into groups, 40 industry-based research enterprises He choose the ANSYS software; same year, the Security World Asia-Pacific universities across the country to carry out the project, which the actions of a very strategic vision for our future leadership position built a solid platform. In short, in 2003, we are advocates of CAE technology and seeder. By 2003, we know that we have become the CAE industry, the navigator, and this is the outcome of our struggle hard.

The second stage is from 2004 to 2006, the Security World Asia-Pacific expansion phase. Yasuyo Asia-Pacific in the development of industrial technology products made adjustments Gaibian the former agent for the software-based business model and began independently on the basis original business to develop their own services, such as to attract more technology, complete solutions and began developing new products, development of industry technology. 2004, in order to meet the modern enterprise simulation platform for the urgent needs of the Asia-Pacific security world into a lot of R & D personnel, developed with independent intellectual property rights of enterprise-class collaborative simulation platform PERA.

The third stage is from 2007, On the evolution stage of the World Asia-Pacific. Because of the rapid development of the Asia-Pacific security world to world security in the industry high-profile Asia-Pacific. It is worth mentioning that the Security Pacific Bank in 2007 won the world's leading investment firm American International Group (AIG) the company's 15 million dollar venture capital investment. To this end, the World Asia-Pacific security market expansion in the existing capacity, technical capability accumulated funds beyond the addition of an advantage, is indeed a menace. Security World Asia-Pacific will continue to increase R & D, service and marketing investment, continue to absorb new technologies, develop new markets and expand business in the same time, build their own intellectual property.

After 11 set rain, On the World Asia Pacific has completed a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, soar, leap forward.

Su-Fang Zhang: An Asia-Pacific to achieve the rapid development of the world, its operating philosophy? Is to become the navigator CAE industry?

Tian Feng: We "open up services market" business philosophy, to serve to drive the market. For the high-tech market, no service, business can not succeed. We use advanced technology and high quality services, and clients successful, demand for customer premise, service-driven model. Service has become the core competitiveness of software enterprises, but also a means of winning new customers. Only sincere service to new markets, this is our Asia-Pacific Security Bank authorized users to obtain root causes.

Business success is often a common result of many factors. World Asia-Pacific for safety, I can summarize in three points, products, people and services.

First Security Bank Asia-Pacific product itself competitive. Security Pacific Bank in the development of 11 years, we have not stopped the world's best research and the introduction of R & D software, so our software products, each powerful, and the entire product system can provide users with comprehensive solutions.

On the basis of outstanding products on the human factor is the reason for the success of another important. Talent is the Security World Asia Pacific's most valuable resource. The quality of our employees, and stronger than fighting, and good corporate culture in turn these people closely united. Approached the World Asia-Pacific security, you will find it has a very clear characteristics: staff stability. Venture in 1997 that 70% of employees remained in the Asia-Pacific security world, this stability comes from cohesion of the enterprise, while rallying from the corporate culture. "Solidarity, respect, innovation and service" is the Security Pacific Bank building efforts of the corporate culture, the Asia-Pacific security beyond the world created for the employees like family warmth, also provides space for the continuous growth and development stage. In such an environment, all the people will be respected and can feel the joy of growth. Thus, whether selection, employment, or educating people, keep people at each stage, PERA has its own views. World Asia-Pacific security strategy has three levels to keep people that pay to keep people, emotion, and trying to retain people. In addition to providing employees with competitive salaries and create a corporate culture of the company to produce hard to break away the feelings, the Security World Asia-Pacific pay more attention to keep people in their careers, for those enterprising employees, growth is not endless pursuit.

Treat staff, the staff will treat customers, to create a first class service.

Business success of the other two factors. And services, such as proxy for a very strategic view of the action as it sfully. O for serveral ll:) ent is about 2525US $ agazine like FEKO long-standing concern of service users in our company to obtain approval of the underlying causes. CAE users to buy products for the sole purpose is to solve problems and improve R & D capability, and we can help solve the problem the only way to improve service quality, to provide continuous service. Because Women Wei Yonghutigong fine of service, QOS You Yu Jingzhengduishou, the recognition by Ke Hu, Cai Chengjiulean World Yataijintian of Chenggong.

Su-Fang Zhang: PERA is PERA's flagship product. PERA2007 is introduced in what context? What are the features?

Tian Feng: We have introduced enterprise-class collaborative simulation platform PERA, mainly for the special needs of Chinese enterprises designed, consistent with the national proposal of "information technology to stimulate industrialization" strategy of manufacturing information. The strategy clearly pointed out that Chinese enterprises use information technology to enhance collaborative research and development technology, an important way. Thus, various types of enterprise collaboration platform and technology have become the focus of attention of Chinese enterprises. Simulation technology has been a long time as an independent technology, free enterprise collaboration strategy in addition, until recent years, there was increasing awareness of the tremendous co-simulation technology value - it is truly improve the business Key Technology R & D capabilities!

At present there are many enterprises level simulation platform, although to some extent addresses this R & D needs, but not a proven platform can simultaneously satisfy all the needs of enterprise, and each needs a platform and tools are appropriate with Duiying . Based on this situation, in 2004, the Security World Asia-Pacific to PERA for the program name, to carry out co-simulation platform for the implementation of consulting services, in the success of many enterprises. Practice diligently for four years, PERA has finally mastered the key technologies for collaborative simulation, into a number of elements of the world's advanced technology, the introduction of the PERA2007. She will be project management, process management, technology management, multidisciplinary optimization, data management and knowledge management and into a, and take advantage of the distributed enterprise computing hardware resources and network resources to support the business activities of any simulation.

Su-Fang Zhang: Please tell us about your company's solutions for the shipping industry, the current usage? PERA What are the advantages in the field of ship? Future strategic measures taken by the general promotion of the industry uses?

Tian Feng: Shipping industry's products are very complex, involving multiple disciplines, the course requirements in the development of simulation software with strong functionality and analysis capabilities; and the product development process has involved many departments and project groups, therefore, the simulation project management very seriously.

Industry Characteristics for the shipbuilding industry, the company's software applications which are very good. ANSYS CAE platform as a classic, introduced in the last century, the ANSYS Workbench based on the new system, the new technology is very suitable for the simulation of ships products; fluid technology products in the development of the ship is a very important technology, with the first second-generation technology, CFX CFD software in the calculation of accuracy, speed and stability and convergence, have outstanding performance; the ship antenna, RCS, TV size issue, the Security Pacific Bank to provide the electromagnetic solution is the most comprehensive, in place of test access to the antenna performance and the ship's RCS targets; AUTODYN, LS-DYNA for the ship the product explosion, crash simulation to provide a solution to the problem; and enterprise-level co-simulation platform PERA, face the complex needs of shipbuilding industry, to meet the shipping business simulation integrity management requirements.

The software mentioned above in the domestic and foreign shipping companies have a wide range of applications. China's shipbuilding industry is engaged in product development companies are using, especially in enterprise simulation platform PERA, has become an enterprise simulation platform for ship building is an important choice.

The Security World Asia-Pacific area in the ship's You Shi, first of all, our products can provide the most comprehensive solution to solve the shipping industry, product simulation of all issues, Bingjuyijing enterprise Ying Yong ship in Duoge by Guang Fan praise. Followed by service, Hudong Heavy Kang, General Manager, Asia-Pacific region in the world about security cooperation with this statement had said: "We are all the items before bidding, to take low bid strategy, not only in the CAE project to do so, it is because the World Asia-Pacific security company is the leading CAE industry, with leading product technology and strong technical force, can be long-term cooperation with us, truly independent research and development for our company to provide a sharp weapon. "PERA persist the application of advanced technology and perfect service win customers with the shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding industry promotion strategy and overall company strategy. We are always concerned about the actual demand from users to help users upgrade their products added value and thus enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, with the most advanced technology and services dominate the market. Specific to the shipbuilding industry, the next step we will increase collaboration with industry bodies and the media to help users with the most advanced simulation technology simultaneously.

As the best CAE supplier, we should shoulder the social responsibility of this role, it is promoting the industry and technology, so that the industry plays an important role in social progress, so that the technology to play in the scientific and technological progress important role. Shipbuilding industry in China, we need to lead the similar enterprises have completed this mission. We advocate and we reached similar enterprises 'competing'. World Asia-Pacific region is faced with competing security industry's attitude, competitive pressure means that cooperation represents the driving force to promote healthy competition and in-depth development of CAE technology applications.

Su-Fang Zhang: Finally, you talk about safety and the World Asia-Pacific development goals and future vision.

Tian Feng: August 2007, we introduced self-developed PERA platform. With this product, we are the industry and showcasing the company's complete R & D capabilities, PERA platform is Tianbu the Chinese in the Collaborative Simulation of the fields blank, PERA platform both for PERA 鏈韩 and the industry itself has an important historical significance. Since 2007, On the development of the Asia-Pacific the world entered a new stage.

From 2007 to 2009, On World Asia-Pacific in addition to some small extent based on domestic technology and market consolidation, it will also start the international scope of the technical merger;

From 2009 to 2015, On World Asia-Pacific will conduct a wide range of domestic technology, market consolidation. Internationally, in addition to expanding technology combination that will also open up a number of marketing channels, through the buyout or strategic approach to Naru An Asia-Pacific framework of the world, so that the Asia-Pacific security technology to the international world to the World Asia-Pacific security an international company;

2016 onwards, On the World Asia-Pacific will build an international effort to study self brand, and strive to make Yasuyo within the Asia-Pacific in the industry, a leading producer of large companies, to foreigners Kandao PERA Global would Rutongwomen today Kandao IBM Yiyang.

Postscript: In the dialogue process, the field of total face confident, sincere, genuine smile to the author left a deep impression. Conversation, the total field more than once referred to the company, "solidarity, respect, innovation and service" culture, he said that it is the correct concept of corporate culture, cohesion and vitality of the enterprise is full, so as to continuously grow and develop into China CAE industry leader. We lament the Security World Asia-Pacific R & D information for the Chinese contribution and dedication, but also appreciate her 'Sword' spirit of national self-developed China's CAE to provide a useful reference for success.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Correct understanding of the importance of examinations and the usual accumulation of [2]

Department of experience points

After a soft-set, with confidence, so he wanted to apply for Department of points. I took 06 in the first half of this project is very tight, so he applied for the second half. Also buy the two books are written by Zhang Yousheng teacher. The reading less, because this is the first sitting, I intend to first understand the situation, familiarize yourself with the examination process, the second time and then carefully prepare. After registration, on the evening before going to sleep while lying in bed reading, watching the papers, tutorials, I basically do not see, according to papers that he do first, do not know go check the book, because I did not so much time to fully review, also off read a few books at night, read the previous chapters.

Exams, a serious shortage of confidence in myself, do not bother to read, when the idea was not too anyway. But I looked at problems and paper notes, such as at a few will choose several options, the paper a few questions, how to write an overview of how to organize content so that even if had not, but also for the future to continue Examination accumulate experience.

Day of the examination with the application of a few did not go, but I then again, to see papers look like, so went. I have this habit very well, as long as I apply the test, regardless of the circumstances, I have to go. So go test, and am a good answer questions, that is a choice, will not and can estimate the Mongolian one, thesis title is simply writing characters received papers from thought, they begin to write, and finally handed in all in writing, and usually less writing, typing many, many words will not write, had written alphabet, the paper wrote a wrist and arm pain not work too acid.

Took the two, my wife asked me, how, I say, also, as ever is still possible, but very small. Wife went on to say that if the review's are not like this too and I am despised for this examination by to ignore her, women are so. Although the possibility of knowing too little, but still hold a trace of hope. One day you think of this matter, on the Greek race, that can check points, so he took my colleagues made a phone message (I Unicom). 46 am, at 45, paper 48, ha ha, even after I nearly jumped up and happy, in the Office of the large coax a few times, people do not know what I do, but then many people say that the Greek race score line of things, I also worried. So the Greek Game and the situation all day, never had it, his heart saved, ready to test next year, and after it scores higher, and he is worry. Today, at last, scores, and also relieved. Some people posting on the Greek race that I care about the original results, who do not care about the result?


Soft set of two tests in the afternoon are not review questions, but they all passed. In fact, the work at issue with the content we currently are closely related, such as data flow diagram, UML, Java's Exception handling, P / V operation of a university before. I was out. Net, and for the Java unfamiliar, read the Java work because the source code for a long time, so that Java's Exception topics very simple. Therefore, relatively simple soft-set or some of the morning reading in the afternoon to spend more accumulation, not the basic problem.

Examination Department of points is the same. For example at issue, SOA's question, I test the previous week to talk to customers when the exchange SOA, SOA just seen a lot of information, this question is basically no problem. CMM's question, our company had a CMM3, I know some, but not know much about, mainly remember, there is no recourse but to answer that, embedded questions would not. Another example is database recovery problems, and also his casual writing, although the normal contact, not very familiar with. Therefore, at issue is really nothing to grasp. Paper, I think it more handy, because for three years of project managers and architects, usually written in too much documentation, collaborative system, the subject I wrote the work flow, this is my most familiar and finished the paper self- still feel good. Throughout the series points title, for me, it looks like a coincidence, why I just looked at SOA on the test out? Why the company had a CMM to test out? Why am I doing collaborative projects in the areas of workflow collaboration on the test out? Then I thought, this is not a coincidence, although I do not review or prepare for this exam, but usually exposed and studied and thought about, not afraid of the exam.

All in all, recalling the soft points in the test set and the system, deliberately to prepare their own time and effort is minimal, but usually the accumulation should be more, and solving the problem more like understanding the context, theories and practice more data are collected. Sentence: A dog feces luck, a university foundation, a job gained. Other words: I thank my wife, without her constant stimulation I gave my pressure, I really was not able to flies.


I am a 2002 graduate, computer science, 2 years of development, structure and management for 2 years. I bought a book that points the system (Zhang Yousheng teacher "system analyst test counseling") behind, talk through the experience of candidates, to me is a big help. So I write this, my first experience there should be no universal significance test, we look at it when the story. Second, do not know if the friends prepare for the exam can give some insights and encouragement, we should have confidence. Finally I wish you can pass the.

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