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Switch to a three-year-old can not afford to skip how should I do?

We are raised to "volunteer work" concept, the three-year-old had a normal age, can now have connected with the occupation, and to give a special meaning. When a talent 25 years old, it has been consciously or unconsciously thinking, quick 30, and was up front. But really to three years old, his is still a general staff, how do? In fact, age, and ability to pay is not up things in the community is very common.

Shu-day consultation cases:

Zhang Yu with other children to participate in college entrance examination, as is the book filled the University of volunteer management major. Graduated from college, Zhang Yu know this is not a good industry, universities had the very unhappy. Graduated from college, finally decided to give up their own library management professional, re looking for other businesses, they want to develop and choose their own career path.

Yu Zhang is a introvert, do not like fighting with people, just want to be able to obtain a stable job, so that the realization of their professional changes slowly, and then to seek career development. However, the library management professional, a little edge to find a job, did not work easy to find favorite. Last resort, seek survival and development, Zhang Yu found a job easily settled, but the work is not satisfactory. The job is not happy for some time, Zhang Yu changed jobs, because no good professional, have to find a second job just has to adjust the salary, the same as with the first job is still no way to find the right career direction.

Blink of an eye, a few years later, Yu Zhang's students, some as a director, while others became the manager. And Yu Zhang has since been replaced as looking for career direction, always hovering in the clerk's official rank. 3-year-old arrived, Zhang Yu suddenly found a few years later, I still can not find career direction and more terrible things that no train any kind of professional skills.

Yu Zhang was deeply disturbed to see their students do not want to see them and think they laugh at themselves; look to see ourselves, Zhang Yu to do things that feel very seriously, the community itself is unfair. Zhang Yu do not know how, and do not know how to do the next step should be. Lost Zhang Yu own write it straight down the situation, issued Shu days, hoping for help, and ask yourself the suitability of business.

Shu-day job analysis:

According to Zhang Yu Shu-day situation as described, and Yu Zhang of mind, career, etc. The reality is analyzed.

Occupational psychology areas:

Yu Zhang is a introvert, eager to find a job and stable work, and gradually develop their own expertise. But in the past few years, Zhang Yu as professional and survival, had to force myself to work do not like working in the hope that through such frequent job-hopping ways to explore and find their professional orientation. This shows that Zhang Yu eager for success, but the anxiety of mind, what makes Yu Zhang regardless of treatment, do not have enough patience. An agitated patient to any person who does not work, no matter which company they can not be trusted, not to mention learn useful vocational skills.

Occupational aspects of reality:

Zhang Yu of the University Library Management Professional is after work and did not engage in this work, and work, almost a year to jump to explore their own career direction, leading to Zhang Yu in the last few years, has no culture a certain degree of workplace skills, not to mention the core competitiveness of the workplace. It should be said Zhang Yu is pretty bad, a three-year-old who has been in the absence of workplace skills and core competitiveness, I hope the development is very difficult to obtain.

Occupational hope areas:

Later and Zhang Yu of the QQ chat, by Yu Zhang anxiety, incoherent speech, or feel comfortable day, and Zhang Yu current best hope is the hope of business development, and gradually develop their own competitiveness. Because of his own personality as introverted or afraid to do the job well, but also feel that business is unstable and can provide a guarantee of survival.

Shu-day consultation response:


Shu day that Zhang Yu has been a problem with the mentality of the past, and current state of mind remains a big problem.

Zhang Yu that the students laugh at themselves, in their own career development is a bad time, the students always feel the words and deeds, are laughing at him, and in fact this does not exist, this is a kind of psychological self-Yu Zhang psychological illusion.

Zhang Yu feel to do things very seriously, social mistreatment of him, in fact, Yu Zhang a year for a job, regardless of which company to recruit Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu's departure will have because of re-recruitment and re-straighten out this post . For this reason alone, it can be fully proved, Zhang Yu do not matter very seriously.

Society, without a patient who frequently change jobs, regardless of which company will not be in reuse, not reused, there will be no way to promotion to a post, there will be no way to learn skills, there is no way for their career capacity.

From these two things, the proposed Zhang Yu Shu-day get down to the first resistance in the current work on working happily, no matter how before, first make the current job. In the current job while slowly adjust their mentality to a forgiving heart to treat their colleagues and the community, not to have grievance mentality. One who wants to get the job done, in order to be promoted promoted above should be fair and impartial state of mind, a general feel that they are aggrieved persons, could not think of a leader which will give him the opportunity.


Zhang Yu would like to do business, certainly not appropriate. On the one hand it was his choice of occupation over the past quit thinking, but wanted to try it; the other hand, his character is introverted, kind person who engaged in professional work, people need to spend several times more energy-oriented, can we have achieved, but also requires great patience. Obviously, even if Zhang Yu's attitude adjustment came, and business is not the best career choice, not to mention the patience of the training takes a long time fact.

Finally, according to Zhang Yu Shu days of the actual situation, Yu Zhang pointed out that the work is appropriate, some of communication does not require too much work, he is doing, in fact, is appropriate, the problem lies in Yu Zhang did not have patient, rather than other reasons.

When there is no way, first stop, bored a bored, and so improve their quality, then looked up. Thanks to the bulkhead for some time, engaged in natural positions on the understanding will be deepened and the development of the whole industry at this time there will be some understanding of nature at this time way out on.

Shu-day advice:

For Zhang Yu of this situation, Shu-day special advice other career people, older but no increase in capacity the key reasons is that they do not know do not know what should be learning. Looking for work, always hesitating, and no way to do a job, so there will be no way to accumulate to the professional development of the first payment capacity. In any case, if a person find a job, it was found that the work is not what you want, but also did not find the right direction, this time is best not to move.

This time need to do most things, is to bow their heads in the current work of boring a boring, comprehensive upgrade their literacy. Such a long time, put up a quality, professional ability of the pot of gold came out, this time will widen one's vision becomes deeper, we can see clearly the direction in front; the same time, any work required to have patience, determination will be followed, and this is the future career development is very important.

It does not help, then quickly find career counselor for help. After all, these people with professional services, and this is enough accumulated knowledge and experience to provide sufficient material and analysis of your situation, help you to establish career development.

Career planning, the top priority thing is how to dig the professional ability of the first payment, this is your future career development into the attack or retreat to the fundamental.

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