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What the future of "beneficial" booming

Annual salary of 100 000 is not individual

Job was being blocked everywhere, some people at the same time receive offer, let him pick four or five positions - graduate employment, for each individual, it becomes a relative concept of a 鍐扮伀涓ら噸澶?

Reporter Software College, Zhejiang University, found that the professional students, especially graduate students, welcomed by the community; they are not only a high employment rate and salary after working quite well, in between 60,000 to 200,000. So reporters think the overall situation in the employment of college graduates today can not be optimistic, the university will be able to choose a future after 4 years, "beneficial" booming profession, that without a mistake. The problem is the rapid development of economy, ever-changing world of information, how to predict four years later, popular demand? Here, we might look at some popular professional in 2006 and their employment situation of graduates, for reference.

Personnel Released: 2006 Top 10 jobs

According to Chinese Ministry of Personnel issued on its official website, "the employment of college graduates in 2005 and 2006, demand to receive Survey" shows that demand for professional students this year are relatively concentrated.

Survey, and professional needs in 2005 compared to 2006, the demand for graduates specialized in general not changed much, the top two is still the mechanical design and manufacturing classes and computer science and application of specialty. In which the top 10 needs of the professional a total of 587,126 graduates, 35.3% of the total number of demands. In addition, there is a notable feature of growth in demand for medical and health professional graduates quickly into the top 10, the demand number is 31756, and the number of 17 227 compared with last year's demand for a substantial increase is expected this part of the 2006 graduates be relatively better employment situation.

In addition to ranking the top 10 professionals, the 2006 statistics the number of more specialized needs of the region are normal, law, Chinese language and literature, economics, international trade, clinical medicine, chemical medicine, materials science, communications engineering, and financial.

In 2006 the demand for college graduates sort Professional

The total demand for graduate professional serial number of specialist undergraduate

A mechanical design and manufacture of class 111883 88095922743847

2 Computer Science and Application of Class 83652 166,074,696,117,584

3 Information and Electronic 7,057,686,764,267,917,421

4 Marketing 6,971,219,213,383,430,457

5 Management 6,124,746,943,740,618,247

6 architectural 5,047,225,893,143,813,945

7 Electrical Engineering and Automation 41945 3829273689048

English 35932 3876229189138 8

9 Medical 31756 6089180576810

10 Accounting 29951 2264181597928

View Top Specialty: FY software changes immediately following

People: Chen Bing (pseudonym), Ningbo International Software Park, a software company (own business), Zhejiang University, Ningbo Branch of the software is not the first full-time graduate students.

We are a class of more than 30 graduate students, is the Ningbo Branch of Zhejiang University School of Software is not the first full-time graduate students. Class students are basically already in the IT related industries who have some professional experience, so we should be learning more sense.

I was in 1997 from Zhejiang University computer science graduate, and has worked in several cities, university teachers, foreign staff, and later to start his own company's business, not less experienced. However, since their own business after the discovery the rapid development of IT industry, I had a number of scientific expertise is now needed updated. So, that I had this post-graduate courses, although branch in Ningbo, but our key specialized courses are teacher rushed over to the Zhejiang University, my mentor is the executive vice president of Zhejiang University School of Software red-hwa.

We just graduated last month, this session students, but because both the original work, has worked in the department, a government department in charge of information, there had been no practice, basically still in the original units. For me, the students are peer in the industry circle inside a few more friends.

I do the management of the company, before things Gaode less pure business, now learn some very new professional knowledge and skills, their companies have some guidance, so that feeling of working together was handy.

Like the students in our class, most people do not rely on the certificate to find work, change jobs, but really to update knowledge and charging. Certificate of no particular use, but they are real.

My current company size is not large, more than 30 employees, but business is now involved in the country. Changing IT industry, competition can be described, to do software is also very focused on innovation, so they do not rely on old knowledge to new markets. Is to continually update their knowledge to business vitality and new ideas into the only way to meet the shopping competition.

View Top Professional: Electronic Commerce and Work docking

People: children piano competition, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College Information Technology Department of the first graduates of e-commerce

And this year many young people, children are facing graduation piano competition and employment issues; but those for the graduates to find jobs in different busy battered, Dong Qin received the game companies will want to sign her, and she has million flowers to select their favorite one - Zhejiang Huatai Silk Co., Ltd. is now practical. This internship is 3 months probation, after 3 months if no major problems, the company can be regularized in a formal member.

Why chatted about their favored by the work unit, child piano first thought race had their own professional time in completing the "foresight."

Chin Tong said game, choose the one hand, to combine their professional interest, but also had to take into account employment, after all, the link between reading and work is still very close. Her own preference to those employed on many factors, post high demand profession. Then choose the "information technology", on the one hand is out of this consideration, on the other hand it is because the heat of their own interest and expertise.

In the choice of occupation, race Chin Tong said the first school teacher to the students in the previous guidance for a number, and she herself also in the process of job to keep a good attitude, and the first lower his profile. After all, the difficulties are the existence of graduate employment, and graduate experience, strength, respect and social workers than there were a big gap. Correct understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, then a reasonable choice of employment orientation, play a great role for employment.

View Top Specialty: garden two years after the revenue development are considerable

People: Zhou Xiaoguang, Zhejiang Forestry College garden professional graduates

"How much employment rate? Our professional students the concept of the employment rate largely because of our professional students, as long as they want to work, and finding a job is certainly no problem." Zhejiang Forestry College garden professional graduates said Zhou Xiaoguang . "Now we do not sign the agreement professional students, mainly working in the contrast in Which unit is more promising, more favorable treatment. If you want to continue their studies, a lot of opportunities, a professional last year, we have eight seniors are Peking University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University and other famous admission to graduate. "

Landscape professional employment situation is good, and in the future would be better. The one hand, economic development has led to increased demand, on the other hand with the College of Forestry better quality of teaching and teaching staff also has a relationship. Zhou Xiaoguang that the College is rich in gardens, held every year at least 8 students exhibition are also invited to lecture famous, even if the average student will have the opportunity and my first landscape architecture at Harvard University, Dr. Jian Yu hole so direct. In addition, as is the Forest garden professional, their floriculture, landscape trees science, cultivation and management of landscape plants is very solid foundation.

Xiaoshan Zhou Xiaoguang, a garden two days ago was still an intern, now have a better unit to his interview, he invited a few days off. He said that many cities lack the strong landscape students, such as better units in Xiaoshan, internship Baochibaozhu, there are living allowance - 1,300 yuan per month. He said two years before graduating from the garden professional senior, now more than 100,000 yuan annual salary of many, some made the project manager after his company opened a garden, just a few years time accumulated substantial assets. Now they are basically all the professional practice of students, and most of the students also have employment intentions, but we all like him, are looking for better jobs, we now have to sign the agreement is not a lot.

Zhou Xiaoguang said the practical ability of graduates relative to badly since, so start income to badly, but fresh graduates, the landscape professional salary is certainly the kind of high; if he is competent Landscape Planning and Design work, a monthly salary of 45 thousand dollars is not a big problem; if he can work independently, then either the future or "money" is a good way it should be said. Part of the practical ability of the people eligible to obtain Class II construction division, often suddenly become the meat and potatoes, is everybody's grabbing. "The key is to be willing to endure hardship, because a school is often to the grassroots, the first two years definitely bitter, but two years later, most people's income and development will be very significant."


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