Monday, October 18, 2010

With SNS to create individual learning ecosystem

Collaborative learning in primary and secondary cities is very much respected teachers. This teaching model to meet the current Internet, popular trends and the results of pilot schools that train students for this model to create capacity, different thinking, critical thinking, discovery has the spirit and ability to cooperate
Important role.

Collaborative learning in practice often being integrated into other learning, such as project-based teaching, research-based teaching model, etc.. I have spent six months teaching project-based experimental results show that students are not interested in collaboration, cooperation level is very shallow, and have repeatedly stressed that there is not much guidance and change.

Why does this happen? Survey shows that the main reason is not a real collaboration, communication and exchange between learners rarely. In addition, with a collective, a more thorough understanding of each other in peacetime, that the other side where levels are high not to, that there is no need for collaboration.

For collaborative learning, we tend to always from the group point of view, comes to mind is a group of people collaborate on something together, if we look at the issue from a different angle, from a single individual's point of view, the so-called collaborative learning is an individual to establish individual learning ecosystem, and then ring the help of human learning process.

In the daily learning process, we need help from outside to guide us. However, subject to various conditions of the restrictions, we are usually very small social circle, have regular contact with the people that surrounds, to access to a greater range of master's Luzi on Zhaobu Dao Ge Shi, personal Xuexi ecosystem Haishi You very limited, and SNS (social network service, Social Networking Service) was a more vital that we build brings the possibility of learning ecosystem.

Real society, interpersonal communication is through the introduction between people, shaking hands to form a circle of friends, contact circle, each person does not need direct knowledge of all, only through friends of friends, you can contribute to a handshake, the SNS is this form of dating in real life replica of the network.

In theory, through the SNS, we can find a common interest in learning partnerships, evolving based on personal interest and professional learning ecosystem, have access to a greater range of relevant professional best man. This allows us to be able to share their research results and ideas, so as to effectively enhance learning.

In practice, however, need to clearly recognize, SNS is not specifically designed for educational purposes, such as the SNS in education in the field, but also to limit and modify on the SNS. For example, SNS should be educational to professional, specialty, occupational factors such as members of the subdivision, it is easy to quickly create appropriate learning learners ecological group.

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