Friday, March 11, 2011

In Gmail, click on multiple selections enter the recipient address

Gmail recent recipient address input is optimized, you can click to select the pop-up window, this feature similar to Microsoft's Outlook client.

Gmail from Tuesday introduced this feature. Compose a new message, users need only click the "To" link, Gmail will pop up a small window, lists all contacts. Users can then click to select click-mail. In this window, you can sort, delete and other management. In the CC "CC" link, you can also fill in the recipient in accordance with the above model.

Previously, Gmail automatically prompts the user to input a mail address, but click selection mode easier. In the Microsoft Outlook client, users can click directly Enter the recipient's address book, Gmail apparently learned the strengths.

Gradually introduce new Gmail features rely on market share. comScore said, Gmail unique visitors in the United States 3.69 million people, has replaced the United States become the third largest free online mail service.

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